Time saving tips for feeding a crowd

Full house this week? Try these tips for making meal preparation easier!

  • When cooking breakfast for a crowd try preparing your coffee cake or muffins the night before (or up to 3-4 days in advance) and place it in the freezer overnight uncooked. In the morning put the cake in the middle of the cold oven, turn the temperature on and add about 7-10 minutes to the normal cooking time. The preheat cycle becomes the defrost cycle.  If the cake has been frozen for more than overnight you may need to add a little time to the total cooking cycle.  Your guests enjoy the wonderful smells of freshly baked coffee cake or muffins without you having to think!
  • Try adding a slice of lemon or a mint leaf to glasses of ice water on the table.  This makes a fabulous presentation to your guests helping to set the tone for a very special meal.
  • Did you know that the “wild” blueberries from Maine freeze fabulously? We buy flash frozen berries by the pounds from the blueberry farm and enjoy fresh Maine blueberries year round.  You can find Wyman or other Maine brands in your local freezer but make sure they say “Maine Wild Blueberries”.
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