The Perfect Pie: Tips from pie-making expert innkeepers at Historic Inns of Rockland

The innkeepers at Historic Inns of Rockland may not have always been experts in pie making, but after ten years of Pies on Parade Pie Tours and collectively more than 2000 pies made and served, you can bet that this is one group of innkeepers who are pious about their pies.  With the 11th Annual Pies on Parade event (January 25, 2015)  less than five months away the Historic Inns of Rockland, founders of the event, are already starting to get their rolling pins in order to organize the 25+ businesses that take part in this pie-a-thon from one end of Rockland’s Main Street to the other.  A fundraiser for the Area Interfaith Outreach Food Pantry, this year’s Pies on Parade Pie Tour is expected to bring the 11-year total raised from this event to more than $100,000.

As we approach the fall season, all eyes and appetites move toward heartier comfort foods, and when it comes to hearty and comfort, pie tops the list.  Therefore, the innkeepers from Historic Inns of Rockland want to share a few tips for perfect pies with our blog readers.  Try these ideas:

Tips from Ed Hantz, Granite Inn, for a beautiful pie crust

  • Start your pie with plenty of dough. A little extra can always be used to decorate the top.
  • Lay the dough into a 9-inch pie pan and trim to about an inch beyond the rim of the pan.
  • Fold the edge of the crust up and inward and crimp the dough with your fingers.
  • I like to build the crust to about ½ inch above the edge of the pan. This makes an extra deep pie.
  • Collect the dough trimming and roll them out again, and then cut with cookie cutters into shapes to decorate the top of the pie or quiche.

Tips from Cheryl Michaelsen, Berry Manor Inn, where pie is served to guests 365 days:

  • Don’t over think your pie dough; pie dough is very forgiving! If it is too wet, simply add more flour. If your dough is too thin, ball it up and re-roll it; if it’s too thick cut some off and keep rolling!
  • Mix the pie dough, and then wrap it in plastic wrap and refrigerate it while you are mixing up the pie filling.  Chilling the dough for a half hour to several hours will make it easier to work with later.
  • If you are making many pies for a special occasion, mix the dough ahead of time and wrap it in plastic wrap first and then foil. After it’s wrapped, freeze it.  When you’re ready to use the dough, defrost it on the counter prior to rolling it out.
  • Here’s a time saver: Make fruit pies (apple, blueberry, cherry, raspberry, strawberry rhubarb, etc.)  ahead, but do not cook them immediately. Brush the pie with an egg wash (a beaten egg and a bit of milk or water) and sprinkle sugar over it; place a piece of wax paper over the top, then wrap tightly in foil and freeze.  When you need the pie un-wrap the foil, pull off the wax paper and place a piece of foil loosely over the top.  Place the frozen pie a cold oven covered, set the temperature and let the pre-heating oven work as the defrost cycle. Then, simply add approximately 10 to 15 minutes longer to your normal cook time.  Generally Berry Manor Inn’s pie makers bake fruit pies at 400 degrees for one hour and fifteen minutes then take off the foil cover and bake uncovered for another four to ten minutes until the crust is golden brown.  Freezing the uncooked pie ahead makes it far less work the day you need them.
  • Relax – Pie makes everything better!!!

Tips from the LimeRock Inn, developers of the signature Key LimeRock Pie:

  • For LimeRock Inn’s signature Key LimeRock Pie, rather than making a graham cracker crust, innkeepers use vanilla wafers and their secret ingredient, a half-cup of granola.  This combination is a total crowd pleaser.
  • One great way to serve pies – whether egg or fruit – is in tartlet form.  These mini-pies will go a long way and are easy to pop in the mouth as appetizers or dessert.  When making their Swiss Cheese and Bacon mini-quiches, LimeRock Inn innkeepers serve them right from the oven after transferring to a decorative platter.  They cool sufficiently while being served, yet still retain their right-from-the-oven freshness.
  • Timesaving Tip: If you’re worried about overworking your pie dough, put your dough ingredients in a food processor and spin the blade until ingredients are combined and dough is formed. This will also help save time. Afterward, wrap the dough ball in plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least one hour until it’s ready to use.

Tickets for the annual Pies on Parade Pie Tour sell out each year.  Overnight accommodations sell out even faster than tickets.  Book your Pies on Parade Package now including your own personal pie baked just for you, specially-organized pre-tour events like a Pie and Wine pairing, and tickets to the event!  Pies on Parade tickets go on sale right after Thanksgiving.  For more information on Pies on Parade and Historic Inns of Rockland, visit

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Who says you have to stop eating lobster after Labor Day? Perfect time for Lobsterpalooza

Just because Labor Day comes and goes, doesn’t mean the lobsters have! We don’t put away the white shoes and certainly don’t stop eating lobster in Midcoast Maine after Labor Day! This year, why don’t you come join us and celebrate Lobsterpalooza with $10 lobster specials in restaurants throughout the Penobscot Bay region September 15 – 20, 2014, topped off with the 2nd Annual Lobster Mac n Cheese contest on September 20, 2014.  Thirty professional and amateur chefs will compete for the Lobster Mac n Cheese champion award on September 20, 2:00-4:00pm at the Rockland Elks Club, 210 Rankin Street, Rockland. And guess what? New this year, the general public will be invited to taste the professional chefs’ creations by purchasing tickets for $10.00.

Are you an amateur or professional chef?  The Maine Lobsterpalooza is seeking interested chefs to compete for the title of Lobsterpalooza Mac n Cheese Champion in the 2nd Annual Lobster Mac n Cheese Contest, September 20, 1:00-4:00pm in Rockland, ME.  They’re looking for  20 professional and 10 amateur chefs to compete in the high stakes competition to crown Champion and Honorable Mention awards in both Pro and Amateur categories.  Bragging rights are huge, along with the publicity that will result for those you know that might want to compete All interested chefs are encouraged to contact Marilyn Quinn at Blueberry Broadcasting (sponsors of Lobsterpalooza) for more information. Call (207)350-0118 or email

It’s not too early to start planning your Lobsterpalooza getaway and the Historic Inns of Rockland have just the right package to make your lobster-filled weekend perfect, complete with two “Got Lobstah” t-shirts to help savor the memory. The Lobsterpalooza package is packed with value. Available September 14-20, 2014, this two night package starts at $455 for double or single occupancy (price will vary depending upon inn and room choice).  This package includes:

  • Two nights lodging at one of the three Historic Inns of Rockland
  • A hearty and delicious breakfast for two each morning
  • Two tickets to Capt. Jacks Lobster Adventure
  • Tickets to a Maine Lobster lunch for two on the wharf
  • Tour of the area’s oldest working lobster pound (reservations required)
  • 2 “Got Lob-stah” t-shirts
  • 2 Chocolate lobsters

If your stay includes September 20, your innkeeper can make arrangements to get Lobster Mac and Cheese tasting tickets (while supplies last).  This is not included in the package price.  Tickets are $10 each and must be reserved in advance.

Want even more lobsterishous fun?  Add a third night and receive a collection of special offers from 40 local businesses valued at more than $300 for discounted tickets, free desserts or apps and more available only to guests of Historic Inns of Rockland.

This year, don’t put away your lobster cravings with your white shoes on Labor Day.  Plan your September getaway with Historic Inns of Rockland to coincide with Lobsterpalooza weekend and “get lob-stah”.


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The way life should be: Lobsters, Luxury and McLoon’s

By Marti Mayne

The Historic Inns of Rockland have agreed with the rest of Rockland for years.  Our little corner of Maine is truly the Lobster Capital of the Universe. You may pass other roadside lobster shacks along Route with long lines, but we suggest you simply keep going. If you’re seeking the real Maine experience drive right by and continue to Rockland.  If you make your trip in June, start with the Historic Inns of Rockland’s Lobsters, Lighthouses and Luxury package and you’ll get a true insider’s view of everything lobster you could ever want, complete with a ride on a lobster boat, lighthouses, lobster dinners, lobster tours and luxury too.  Offered every June, they’ll even throw in another “L” – lobsters, lighthouses, luxury and lupines!

If you can’t make it in June, come stay at Historic Inns of Rockland any other time in the summer or fall and lobsters, luxury and lighthouses can still be a focus for your trip.  And if you want a truly magical Maine location head to McLoon’s Lobster Shack in South Thomaston. Open from Memorial Day to Columbus Day, from 11am to 7pm, you’ll be very happy you made this part of your summer or fall trip!

The setting at McLoon’s is as “Maine” as it gets.  Stand on the wharf and you’ll see tall pine covered islands, hear the sound of seagulls and the beauty of colorful lobster boats bobbing in the harbor and smell the salt air along with lobsters boiling and burgers cooking.  Add a few lupines to the scene and you’ve got a picture postcard scene capturing all that makes Maine grand.

Photo by PJ Walter

The focus at McLoon’s Lobster Shack is on as fresh and local as it gets.  Ask for a lobster dinner, and you may be escorted you to the side of the wharf where a member of the staff will pull up a plastic bucket filled with live lobsters caught that day or the day before and ask you to pick your dinner, if you wish. From sea to stove, it doesn’t get much fresher than that!   Next, you get the option to pick your own fresh-grown herbs from the container garden next to the order window and add as much or as little of freshly grown herbs as you wish!

There’s nothing you won’t love at McLoon’s. The lobster rolls are plentiful and delicious, served on perfectly toasted buttered buns and overflowing with lobster. The lobster stew has a hint of tarragon, which gives it a signature taste.  Be sure to try the roasted Littleneck clams, they are smoky and delicious.  If you like crab, the crab rolls and crab cakes are made from fresh Maine crab and they are just perfect. For non-lobster lovers, there’s homemade corn chowder and burgers and hot dogs cooked on the outside grill next to the lobster shack. In fact, everything at McLoon’s is homemade.  The locally made pies and brownie sundaes are the perfect ending to your lobster dinner here.

You’ll sit at picnic tables taking in the view, almost wishing that the food will take longer to cook so you can simply stare at the scene. Bring your own spirits, and take in a sunset as the sky grows the color of the lobster – how convenient – color coordinated!  Adults and kids alike love the colorful chairs offered for a bird’s eye view of the wharf, which come in adult and kiddie-size.  Come during June’s Lobster, Lighthouses and Luxury package, and you’ll get an up-close-and-personal tour of the lobster wharf and a full explanation of the lobstering industry, complete with a very “fragrant” tour of the bait shack from Bob Woodbury.

Photo by PJ Walter

We save the best for first and last. The ride to and from McLoon’s from Rockland is the icing on the lobster roll! The scenic route is dotted with lupine fields (in June), plenty of glimpses of Penobscot Bay and the islands beyond, and antique New England Capes and cottages.  It’s definitely Maine the way life should be. Be sure to have the camera handy, this is as much a great part of the trip as the meal itself.

At the end of the day, return to any of the three Historic Inns of Rockland. Your friendly innkeepers will be anxious to hear how your meal at McLoon’s went, and will concur that it’s one of Maine’s true gems.  Any spring, summer or fall stay at the three Historic Inns of Rockland is simply not complete without a trip to McLoon’s Lobster Shack.  Your innkeepers are happy to give you directions.

When You Go

McLoon’s Lobster Shack: Open seasonally 11am-7pm - Memorial Day – Columbus Day, 327 Island Road
Spruce Head Island, Maine, (207) 593-1382, .  Click here for a full menu:

Historic Inns of Rockland: Three luxury inns, all within walking distance of Rockland’s downtown scene and Harbor. Granite Inn, LimeRock Inn, Berry Manor Inn,, 207-596-6611.


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Experiences, not things, make us happy

Do you remember that Cadillac ad in shown during the Super Bowl? The guy asks the question, “Why do we work so hard?” Then he razzes Europeans for taking so much vacation and lists some hard-working Americans who changed the world. The commercial ends with him unplugging his $75,000 ELR hybrid coupe in front of his awesome house and reminding us that the upside of all that work is the “stuff” it buys. Do you agree?  Historic Inns of Rockland doesn’t buy it.

Whether you loved that ad or hated it, it’s clear that the producers of that ad have not been reading Forbes or the New York Times. Because for at least a decade now, there’s new research every two or three years that comes to the same conclusion: Experiences, not things, make us happy.  Going to new places, experiencing new adventures, and staying in unique accommodations beat more stuff in the garage any day.

Based on that data, it’s pretty safe to say that it’s travel makes us happy. Because really, what better way to experience new things than through travel. Were the Historic Inns of Rockland to create that Super Bowl commercial, it would be about the ultimate Midcoast Maine getaway, filled with savoring new flavors and adventures.

The fact is that Americans do work hard.  We have one of the longest work calendars of any nation. And yes, work earns money, and money really can add to our happiness, because money can help provide experiences. But happiness does not come with more and more stuff.  It comes through experiencing new places, rocky coasts, lighthouses and even a trip aboard a working lobster boat. Then, a romantic evening at one of the three Historic Inns of Rockland in one of the most comfortable beds you’ve ever experienced.  These are the experiences that make great memories. After all, in the end, what really matters?  Investment in stuff or investment in your relationships and experiences for memories that’ll remain with you forever?

OK, we’ll concede. Work hard and get that car you’ve always wanted. Then take some time off, take it on the road to Rockland, Maine and invest in yourself. Because the experiences and the memories we gain with travel don’t come with a limited four-year/50,000-mile warranty—they last a lifetime.

To book your Historic Inns of Rockland getaway, visit


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Another really great way to enjoy lobster in Rockland, ME – Part II

In part one of our blog series about the best ways to enjoy lobster in Rockland, we talked about the June Lobsters, Lighthouses & Luxury package offered by the three Historic Inns of Rockland.  Offering the chance to not only learn more about lobsters but also to take a chance at catching your own, this package comes  complete with chocolate lobsters, just in case you can’t get enough of that real sweet lobster meat!

Today, we’ll focus on Lobsterpalooza, a celebration of all things lobster, to kick off the fall season, September 19-21, 2014.  After the Maine Lobster Festival ends, it doesn’t mean the lobster season has to conclude.  In fact, despite conventional wisdom, the Lobster season continues through mid-October, making September the ideal time to enjoy a lobsterpalooza of great Maine vacation experiences.

Three years ago the Historic Inns of Rockland founded the Maine Lobsterpalooza, a fall celebration of lobster, in an effort to aid lobstermen and women who found themselves in a supply and demand situation with a glut of lobsters and customers who thought lobster season was over.  This year marks the 3rd Annual Lobsterpalooza celebration.  Lobsterpalooza has evolved to include a fabulous Lobster Mac and Cheese contest which will draw chefs from all over Maine this year.  Better yet, for the first time, members of the public will have the opportunity to taste the variations of Lobster Mac and Cheese created during this competition, and will be amazed at the variety of ways to prepare this tasty dish.  In addition, throughout Lobsterpalooza, restaurants throughout Rockland and Camden will offer up $10 lobster specials.  Plan to savor lobster rolls, lobster apps, lobster dinners and of course Lobster Mac and Cheese throughout the weekend, along with a luxurious weekend stay at one of the three Historic Inns of Rockland including Berry Manor Inn, LimeRock Inn and Granite Inn.

Lobsterpalooza Package at Historic Inns of Rockland

Combine luxurious inns with luscious lobster for the ideal fall getaway.  The Lobsterpalooza package is packed with value.  Available September 19 -27, 2014, this two night package starts at $455 for double or single occupancy (price will vary depending upon inn and room choice). This package includes:

  • Two nights lodging at one of the three Historic Inns of Rockland
  • A hearty and delicious breakfast for two each morning
  • Two tickets to Capt. Jacks Lobster Adventure
  • Tickets to a Maine Lobster lunch for two on the wharf
  • Tour of the area’s oldest working lobster pound (reservations required)
  • 2 “Got Lob-Stah” t-shirts
  • 2 Chocolate Lobsters

If  your stay includes September 20, your innkeeper can make arrangements to get Lobster Mac and Cheese tasting tickets (while supplies last).  This is not included in the package price.  Tickets are $15 each and must be reserved in advance.

Want even more lobsterishous fun? Add a third night and receive a collection of special offers from more than 40 local businesses for discounted museum tickets, discounted activity tickets, free desserts or appetizers with 2 dinner entrees, and 10% or greater from participating retailers, valued at over $300 and available only to guests of Historic Inns of Rockland.

Don’t put away your lobster cravings with your white shoes on Labor Day.  Plan your September getaway with Historic Inns of Rockland to coincide with the Lobsterpalooza celebration this year.



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Two really great ways to really enjoy lobster in Rockland this summer – Part I

They call Rockland, Maine the Lobster capital of the universe.  Why?  Its seaport legacy goes way back to more than a century and a half ago when it was among the busiest of seaports on the East Coast.  Lobstering has been a key component among the fishing industry of Maine’s Midcoast for a long time.  The proclivity for fresh-from-the-sea Maine lobster was the impetus for the country’s largest Maine Lobster Festival held each year in Rockland for the past 67 years. And Maine lobster is the reason the Historic Inns of Rockland have created a number of packages offering unique ways to enjoy the lore of the luscious lobster! Throw in a choice of three luxurious Rockland inns and Maine lighthouses too, and you’ve got everything it takes for the perfect Maine summer getaway.

This blog series will explore two Historic Inns of Rockland packages offering guests the chance to get up close and personal with Maine’s favorite crustacean.  The first option we’ll explore today is the Lobster, Lighthouse & Luxury package offed throughout June including  not only the chance to accompany a salty lobsterman to learn everything you ever wanted to know about lobster and the lobster fishing industry, but also to take your own hand at hauling traps.  You even get to keep one if you catch a lobster!

Lobsters, Lighthouses & Luxury

Two of Maine’s most iconic images are included in this package. The Historic Inns of Rockland have combined Maine’s finest sightseeing adventures into one package offered throughout the month of June. Stay two consecutive nights in June and enjoy lighthouses, lobsters and luxury at your choice of three Historic Inns of Rockland, Granite Inn, LimeRock Inn or Berry Manor Inn.  Two night packages start at are offered from $475 for single or double occupancy (prices vary depending upon dates of booking and choice of inn and room booked).

The Lobster, Lighthouse & Luxury package includes:

  • Two nights luxury accommodations at your choice of Historic Inn of Rockland
  • Breakfast for two each morning
  • Two tickets to Maine Lighthouse Museum for a self-guided tour
  • Self-driving map to 6 local area lighthouses
  • Lighthouse Map of highlighting all of Maine’s Lighthouses
  • Two tickets to Captain Jack’s Lobster Adventure Cruise where you lobster with a real Maine lobsterman and learn lobster lure (advanced reservations required)
  • Tour of one of the area’s oldest working lobster pounds (reservations required)
  • Fresh from the water Maine Lobster lunch with fixings on the wharf
  • Two “Got Lobster” t-shirts
  • Two each chocolate lobsters
  • Access to exclusive special deals offered to guests of Historic Inns of Rockland valued at over $300.

Want more? Add a third night and receive a collection of special offers from over 40 local businesses for discounted museum tickets, discounted activity tickets, free desserts or appetizers with purchase of two dinner entrees and 10% or greater from participating retailers. This collection of exclusive Historic Inns of Rockland offers is valued at over $200.  Consider the weekend of June 27 and 28th and take part in the Midcoast Maine Lighthouse Challenge when seven participating lighthouses will be open to the public including the towers.  The

Stay tuned to the Historic Inns of Rockland’s blog for additional ideas for the perfect way to enjoy lobster during your Midcoast Maine getaway.

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Three great kitchen tips from Historic Inns of Rockland

Innkeepers have to be jacks of all trades, and the innkeepers and owners of Historic Inns of Rockland certainly have become experts in everything from plumbing to accounting to baking.  During the busy months, the clever Maine innkeepers from Berry Manor Inn, LimeRock Inn and Granite Inn have developed some tricks of the trade to insure a delicious and hearty breakfast is served each morning.  Often serving to a full house of guests, visiting Rockland for romantic getaways and culinary vacations, they know their guests look forward to a hearty breakfast each morning.  And to insure they deliver that memorable meal, each of the innkeepers has developed some secrets that they’re willing to share with readers here.  Try one of these and you’ll be insured of a “Historic Inns of Rockland- worthy” breakfast next time you’re serving a crowd.

  1. When cooking coffee cakes or muffins for a crowd, try preparing the batter the night before (or up to 3-4 days in advance) and place it in the pan then in the freezer overnight uncooked. In the morning put the cake in the middle of the cold oven, turn the temperature on and add about 7-10 minutes to the normal cooking time. The preheat cycle becomes the defrost cycle.  If the cake has been frozen for more than overnight you may need to add a little time to the total cooking cycle.  Your guests enjoy the wonderful smells of freshly baked coffee cake or muffins without you having to think!


  1. “The “wild” blueberries from Maine freeze fabulously,” says Cheryl Michaelsen. “We buy flash frozen berries by the pounds from the blueberry farm and enjoy fresh Maine blueberries year round.  You can find Wyman or other Maine brands in your local freezer but make sure they say “Maine Wild Blueberries”.  The wild blueberries from Maine are the smaller, sweeter ones.  You can freeze all blueberries, so next summer when you’re passing the farm stand, be sure to pick up some Maine blueberries for freezing.


  1. For a simple but yummy fruit dish to serve for a special breakfast try serving a fruit parfait.  Start with a fancy cocktail glass, just to add some flair,  and place a layer of homemade granola on the bottom, add a layer of vanilla yogurt, a layer of fresh fruit like fresh blueberries, strawberries or raspberries; finish it off with a little more granola, mint leaf and a few more berries.  Everyone at the breakfast table will think that they’re at a B&B when you serve this simple yet easy breakfast dish.


Here’s a great recipe for homemade granola, coming to you straight from the Granite Inn.

Granite Inn Granola


6 cups rolled oats

¼ cup canola oil

1 cup millet

1 cup Maple syrup (preferably Maine Maple syrup)

1 cup flax seed

2 tsp vanilla

1 cup almonds, sliced

½ tsp cinnamon

½ cup sunflower seeds

1 cup dried cranberries

½ cup brown sugar

1 cup dried currants

Preheat oven to 325°. Put the first five ingredients in a bowl and mix.  Mix the next four ingredients in a separate bowl then combine the two mixtures. Spread evenly on unlined sheets and bake for 15 minutes.  Take out and stir, and bake for an additional 10 minutes. Stir again and continue baking and stirring every five minutes until the color is golden brown. Let cool, then add the dried fruit into the mixture a stir a final time.  Yields about 13 cups of granola.

If a memorable Historic Inns of Rockland breakfast is on your wish-list, be sure to visit www.Historic where you can check packages and availability all in one spot.


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Historic Inns of Rockland are three-strong

After decades of entertaining guests first on the sea then on land, Captains Ken and Ellen Barnes retired after a fabulous run at the helm of the Captain Lindsey House. With more time to travel, enjoy their family and putter in their fabulous gardens, we wish Ken and Ellen many blissful years of well-earned relaxation.

In February, the Captain Lindsey House was sold to a partnership of owners.   As one of the four Historic Inns of Rockland, Berry Manor Inn, LimeRock Inn and Granite Inn naturally welcomed the new Captain Lindsey House owners and looked forward to working with them.  Unfortunately, the bylaws of the organization could not be changed to accommodate an out-of-town owner.  While it was a difficult decision for all, it was agreed that Captain Lindsey House would no longer participate in Historic Inns of Rockland. While change can be difficult, everyone involved in the association is comfortable with this change.

All parties remain on amicable terms and the three remaining Historic Inns of Rockland innkeepers wish the new Captain Lindsey House owners best of luck with their plans to update the inn.  Additionally, the three Historic Inns of Rockland look forward to welcoming the new owners of Captain Lindsey House into the community and working closely with them on events, such as Pies on Parade.

The Berry Manor Inn, the LimeRock Inn and the Granite Inn will maintain not only all the Historic Inns of Rockland packages, events and promotions developed over the last decade, but they will also continue the momentum and enthusiasm for bringing Rockland and the Penobscot Bay region to their guests via packages, partnerships and itineraries. Historic Inns of Rockland remains dedicated to bringing the most memorable and fun-filled Midcoast Maine vacations and getaways to their guests. We look forward to welcoming you in the upcoming months.

For more information on Historic Inns of Rockland, including packages and availability, visit

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60 pie varieties at 27 venues resulted in record crowds and donation

Rockland, ME – Today, innkeepers, restaurants and business members who participated in the 10th Annual Pies on Parade Pie Tour presented a check to the Area Interfaith Outreach (AIO) Food Pantry and Fuel Assistance Program for $20,675 representing all ticket, auction and raffle proceeds from the event. This brings the total donations for AIO’s food and fuel assistance programs to $83,515 from the Pies on Parade’s ten-year tenure and sets a record for the largest single-year total raised in any of the ten pie tours to date. More importantly, this donation translates into 49,620 meals for hungry Midcoast Mainers, which means the donations from Pies on Parade will feed 45 food-challenged people three meals a day for an entire year.

The 2014 Pies On Parade Rockland Pie Tour set records for both ticket sales and pies served. The unprecedented 27 participating businesses, restaurants, inns and 60 AIO Food Pantry volunteers welcomed 608 happy pie eaters who braved the 18-degree January day to consume pie. More than 60 different varieties of pies were offered and a record 14,800 slices of pie were served.  All participating businesses donated more 800 hours of time and thousands of dollars in products and services to ensure a sizable donation could be made to the Area Interfaith Outreach Food Pantry and fuel assistance program this year (100% of proceeds from the ticket sales and Silent Auction were donated to the AIO Food Pantry and Fuel Assistance Program).  More than 40 donations from additional businesses throughout Rockland were offered for a silent auction which took place the night before the Pie Tour at Trackside Station Restaurant in Rockland, helping to boost the donation from this event to the $20,675 mark.

“We are delighted with the records broken for ticket sales and pies served at tenth annual Pie Tour this year,” said Cheryl Michaelsen, co-owner of the Berry Manor Inn and Historic Inns of Rockland member.  “The donations offered by all the participating businesses are testimony to the community spirit and generosity of Rockland businesses plus their unselfish willingness to help others in need,” finished Ellen Barnes, co-owner of Captain Lindsey House. “With fuel and food costs at an all-time high, we’re so happy that pie can once again translate into food and fuel for the area’s needy families,” added Historic Inns of Rockland member and co-owner of the LimeRock Inn, PJ Walter.

Already planning ahead, the 11th Annual Pies on Parade tour will be held January 25, 2015.  Pie Tour lodging packages are on sale now and sell out quickly. Pie Tour tickets go on sale immediately after Thanksgiving.  Contact LimeRock Inn, Berry Manor Inn, or Granite Inn to book a 2015 Pies on Parade package and follow for more information on Pies on Parade, 2015.

Participating business representatives from the 10th Annual Pies on Parade Pie Tour gathered at the Granite Inn to present a check for $20,675 to the Area Interfaith Outreach (AIO) Food Pantry and Fuel Assistance Program.

Pictured here from left to right: Edwin Hantz (Granite Inn), Kelly Wood (Trackside Station), Valerie Stevens (Bartlett Woods), Susie Meadows (Project Puffin Mascot), Linda Pieper (AIO), Aaron Prescott (Bartlett Woods), Joyce Burnham (AIO), PJ Walter (LimeRock Inn), Dianne Couture (Lighthouse Museum), Kathy Beck (AIO), Ellen Barnes (Captain Lindsey House), Frank Isganitis (LimeRock Inn), Ken Barnes (Captain Lindsey House), Cheryl Michaelsen (Berry Manor Inn), Kathleen Labree (Chowder House), Kerry Altiero (Café Miranda), Kyle Weaver (Chowder House)


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The excitement is building for the 10th Annual Pies on Parade, when 26 businesses throughout Rockland bring out the rolling pins to celebrate National Pie Day and raise money to help feed Maine’s “food challenged” community.  To celebrate the tenth year of Pies on Parade, organizers, Historic Inns of Rockland, are throwing a free pre-tour party on Saturday, January 25, 4:00-6:00pm at Trackside Station Restaurant in Rockland, ME. A silent auction brimming with $5000 in donated gift certificates and getaways (and of course some pies too!) along with pie-inspired cocktails and music will start the fundraising efforts for the weekend of Pie fun. All proceeds benefit the Area Interfaith Outreach (AIO) Food Pantry and Fuel Assistance Program.

A number of gift certificates to restaurants including Primo, The Landings, Cafe Miranda, Three Crow and Park Street Grille will be on the silent auction table.  Other items include $100 gift cards to Eastern Tires, Fiore Artisan Olive Oils & Vinegars and Maritime Energy.  The Schooner Morning In Maine has donated a harbor sail and the Schooner Stephen Taber has donated a five-day June Schooner Trip.  Look forward to bidding on a Social Makeover from Dream Local, a year of dog washes from the Loyal Biscuit, golf for four at Samoset, and gifts of wine and food from Breakwater Vineyards, and much more.

Trackside Station will serve up a number of pie-inspired cocktails and donate 50-percent of the proceeds from the sale of these pielicious concoctions to the AIO Food Pantry and Fuel Assistance Program.  Look forward to:

  • Good ole’ Apple Pie-Dr. McGuillicuddy’s Intense Apple Pie, served on the rocks
  • Coconut Cream Pie-Malibu Coconut Rum, Pinnacle Whipped Vodka & Sprite
  • Blueberry Pie Martini-Pinnacle Blueberry Vodka, Pinnacle Vanilla Vodka, Raspberry liquor, sour, cranberry & splash of milk
  • Key Lime Pie Tini-Pinnacle Vanilla Vodka, Triple Sec, Lime Juice & Pineapple Juice
  • Chocolate Cream Pie-Pinnacle Whipped Vodka with Irish Cream and Chocolate Valley Vines Red Wine

The 10th Annual Pies on Parade Tour will take place the next day, Sunday, January 26, 1:00-4:00pm. This event has now sold out!

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