Three great kitchen tips from Historic Inns of Rockland

Innkeepers have to be jacks of all trades, and the innkeepers and owners of Historic Inns of Rockland certainly have become experts in everything from plumbing to accounting to baking.  During the busy months, the clever Maine innkeepers from Berry Manor Inn, LimeRock Inn and Granite Inn have developed some tricks of the trade to insure a delicious and hearty breakfast is served each morning.  Often serving to a full house of guests, visiting Rockland for romantic getaways and culinary vacations, they know their guests look forward to a hearty breakfast each morning.  And to insure they deliver that memorable meal, each of the innkeepers has developed some secrets that they’re willing to share with readers here.  Try one of these and you’ll be insured of a “Historic Inns of Rockland- worthy” breakfast next time you’re serving a crowd.

  1. When cooking coffee cakes or muffins for a crowd, try preparing the batter the night before (or up to 3-4 days in advance) and place it in the pan then in the freezer overnight uncooked. In the morning put the cake in the middle of the cold oven, turn the temperature on and add about 7-10 minutes to the normal cooking time. The preheat cycle becomes the defrost cycle.  If the cake has been frozen for more than overnight you may need to add a little time to the total cooking cycle.  Your guests enjoy the wonderful smells of freshly baked coffee cake or muffins without you having to think!


  1. “The “wild” blueberries from Maine freeze fabulously,” says Cheryl Michaelsen. “We buy flash frozen berries by the pounds from the blueberry farm and enjoy fresh Maine blueberries year round.  You can find Wyman or other Maine brands in your local freezer but make sure they say “Maine Wild Blueberries”.  The wild blueberries from Maine are the smaller, sweeter ones.  You can freeze all blueberries, so next summer when you’re passing the farm stand, be sure to pick up some Maine blueberries for freezing.


  1. For a simple but yummy fruit dish to serve for a special breakfast try serving a fruit parfait.  Start with a fancy cocktail glass, just to add some flair,  and place a layer of homemade granola on the bottom, add a layer of vanilla yogurt, a layer of fresh fruit like fresh blueberries, strawberries or raspberries; finish it off with a little more granola, mint leaf and a few more berries.  Everyone at the breakfast table will think that they’re at a B&B when you serve this simple yet easy breakfast dish.


Here’s a great recipe for homemade granola, coming to you straight from the Granite Inn.

Granite Inn Granola


6 cups rolled oats

¼ cup canola oil

1 cup millet

1 cup Maple syrup (preferably Maine Maple syrup)

1 cup flax seed

2 tsp vanilla

1 cup almonds, sliced

½ tsp cinnamon

½ cup sunflower seeds

1 cup dried cranberries

½ cup brown sugar

1 cup dried currants

Preheat oven to 325°. Put the first five ingredients in a bowl and mix.  Mix the next four ingredients in a separate bowl then combine the two mixtures. Spread evenly on unlined sheets and bake for 15 minutes.  Take out and stir, and bake for an additional 10 minutes. Stir again and continue baking and stirring every five minutes until the color is golden brown. Let cool, then add the dried fruit into the mixture a stir a final time.  Yields about 13 cups of granola.

If a memorable Historic Inns of Rockland breakfast is on your wish-list, be sure to visit www.Historic where you can check packages and availability all in one spot.


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Historic Inns of Rockland are three-strong

After decades of entertaining guests first on the sea then on land, Captains Ken and Ellen Barnes retired after a fabulous run at the helm of the Captain Lindsey House. With more time to travel, enjoy their family and putter in their fabulous gardens, we wish Ken and Ellen many blissful years of well-earned relaxation.

In February, the Captain Lindsey House was sold to a partnership of owners.   As one of the four Historic Inns of Rockland, Berry Manor Inn, LimeRock Inn and Granite Inn naturally welcomed the new Captain Lindsey House owners and looked forward to working with them.  Unfortunately, the bylaws of the organization could not be changed to accommodate an out-of-town owner.  While it was a difficult decision for all, it was agreed that Captain Lindsey House would no longer participate in Historic Inns of Rockland. While change can be difficult, everyone involved in the association is comfortable with this change.

All parties remain on amicable terms and the three remaining Historic Inns of Rockland innkeepers wish the new Captain Lindsey House owners best of luck with their plans to update the inn.  Additionally, the three Historic Inns of Rockland look forward to welcoming the new owners of Captain Lindsey House into the community and working closely with them on events, such as Pies on Parade.

The Berry Manor Inn, the LimeRock Inn and the Granite Inn will maintain not only all the Historic Inns of Rockland packages, events and promotions developed over the last decade, but they will also continue the momentum and enthusiasm for bringing Rockland and the Penobscot Bay region to their guests via packages, partnerships and itineraries. Historic Inns of Rockland remains dedicated to bringing the most memorable and fun-filled Midcoast Maine vacations and getaways to their guests. We look forward to welcoming you in the upcoming months.

For more information on Historic Inns of Rockland, including packages and availability, visit

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60 pie varieties at 27 venues resulted in record crowds and donation

Rockland, ME – Today, innkeepers, restaurants and business members who participated in the 10th Annual Pies on Parade Pie Tour presented a check to the Area Interfaith Outreach (AIO) Food Pantry and Fuel Assistance Program for $20,675 representing all ticket, auction and raffle proceeds from the event. This brings the total donations for AIO’s food and fuel assistance programs to $83,515 from the Pies on Parade’s ten-year tenure and sets a record for the largest single-year total raised in any of the ten pie tours to date. More importantly, this donation translates into 49,620 meals for hungry Midcoast Mainers, which means the donations from Pies on Parade will feed 45 food-challenged people three meals a day for an entire year.

The 2014 Pies On Parade Rockland Pie Tour set records for both ticket sales and pies served. The unprecedented 27 participating businesses, restaurants, inns and 60 AIO Food Pantry volunteers welcomed 608 happy pie eaters who braved the 18-degree January day to consume pie. More than 60 different varieties of pies were offered and a record 14,800 slices of pie were served.  All participating businesses donated more 800 hours of time and thousands of dollars in products and services to ensure a sizable donation could be made to the Area Interfaith Outreach Food Pantry and fuel assistance program this year (100% of proceeds from the ticket sales and Silent Auction were donated to the AIO Food Pantry and Fuel Assistance Program).  More than 40 donations from additional businesses throughout Rockland were offered for a silent auction which took place the night before the Pie Tour at Trackside Station Restaurant in Rockland, helping to boost the donation from this event to the $20,675 mark.

“We are delighted with the records broken for ticket sales and pies served at tenth annual Pie Tour this year,” said Cheryl Michaelsen, co-owner of the Berry Manor Inn and Historic Inns of Rockland member.  “The donations offered by all the participating businesses are testimony to the community spirit and generosity of Rockland businesses plus their unselfish willingness to help others in need,” finished Ellen Barnes, co-owner of Captain Lindsey House. “With fuel and food costs at an all-time high, we’re so happy that pie can once again translate into food and fuel for the area’s needy families,” added Historic Inns of Rockland member and co-owner of the LimeRock Inn, PJ Walter.

Already planning ahead, the 11th Annual Pies on Parade tour will be held January 25, 2015.  Pie Tour lodging packages are on sale now and sell out quickly. Pie Tour tickets go on sale immediately after Thanksgiving.  Contact LimeRock Inn, Berry Manor Inn, or Granite Inn to book a 2015 Pies on Parade package and follow for more information on Pies on Parade, 2015.

Participating business representatives from the 10th Annual Pies on Parade Pie Tour gathered at the Granite Inn to present a check for $20,675 to the Area Interfaith Outreach (AIO) Food Pantry and Fuel Assistance Program.

Pictured here from left to right: Edwin Hantz (Granite Inn), Kelly Wood (Trackside Station), Valerie Stevens (Bartlett Woods), Susie Meadows (Project Puffin Mascot), Linda Pieper (AIO), Aaron Prescott (Bartlett Woods), Joyce Burnham (AIO), PJ Walter (LimeRock Inn), Dianne Couture (Lighthouse Museum), Kathy Beck (AIO), Ellen Barnes (Captain Lindsey House), Frank Isganitis (LimeRock Inn), Ken Barnes (Captain Lindsey House), Cheryl Michaelsen (Berry Manor Inn), Kathleen Labree (Chowder House), Kerry Altiero (Café Miranda), Kyle Weaver (Chowder House)


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The excitement is building for the 10th Annual Pies on Parade, when 26 businesses throughout Rockland bring out the rolling pins to celebrate National Pie Day and raise money to help feed Maine’s “food challenged” community.  To celebrate the tenth year of Pies on Parade, organizers, Historic Inns of Rockland, are throwing a free pre-tour party on Saturday, January 25, 4:00-6:00pm at Trackside Station Restaurant in Rockland, ME. A silent auction brimming with $5000 in donated gift certificates and getaways (and of course some pies too!) along with pie-inspired cocktails and music will start the fundraising efforts for the weekend of Pie fun. All proceeds benefit the Area Interfaith Outreach (AIO) Food Pantry and Fuel Assistance Program.

A number of gift certificates to restaurants including Primo, The Landings, Cafe Miranda, Three Crow and Park Street Grille will be on the silent auction table.  Other items include $100 gift cards to Eastern Tires, Fiore Artisan Olive Oils & Vinegars and Maritime Energy.  The Schooner Morning In Maine has donated a harbor sail and the Schooner Stephen Taber has donated a five-day June Schooner Trip.  Look forward to bidding on a Social Makeover from Dream Local, a year of dog washes from the Loyal Biscuit, golf for four at Samoset, and gifts of wine and food from Breakwater Vineyards, and much more.

Trackside Station will serve up a number of pie-inspired cocktails and donate 50-percent of the proceeds from the sale of these pielicious concoctions to the AIO Food Pantry and Fuel Assistance Program.  Look forward to:

  • Good ole’ Apple Pie-Dr. McGuillicuddy’s Intense Apple Pie, served on the rocks
  • Coconut Cream Pie-Malibu Coconut Rum, Pinnacle Whipped Vodka & Sprite
  • Blueberry Pie Martini-Pinnacle Blueberry Vodka, Pinnacle Vanilla Vodka, Raspberry liquor, sour, cranberry & splash of milk
  • Key Lime Pie Tini-Pinnacle Vanilla Vodka, Triple Sec, Lime Juice & Pineapple Juice
  • Chocolate Cream Pie-Pinnacle Whipped Vodka with Irish Cream and Chocolate Valley Vines Red Wine

The 10th Annual Pies on Parade Tour will take place the next day, Sunday, January 26, 1:00-4:00pm. This event has now sold out!

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Rockland Maine Inns Feed Midcoast Hungry Families One Pie at A Time for the 10th Year

For most it’s been looking a lot like Christmas, but for four Rockland, Maine historic inns, it’s beginning to look like pie time!  Right about now, the Historic Inns of Rockland, four luxury Midcoast inns, start looking toward National Pie Day and their signature Pies on Parade event.

It all started about ten years ago when the Historic Inns of Rockland gathered in 2004 to brainstorm ways to convince travelers to come to Rockland, Maine in the dead of winter.  Knowing that inngoers are also foodies, the group quickly turned to food holidays to provide motivation for a winter getaway.  Discovering that the National Pie Council has declared National Pie Day on January 23rd (their President’s birthday!) they knew they had their event.  Pies on Parade was born and the group vowed to celebrate it in years thereafter on the closest Sunday to January 23rd.

From its inception, Pies on Parade was conceived to not only be a celebration of pies but to also help those who wanted more of the pie.  From its earliest years, the Historic Inns of Rockland designated proceeds from the event to benefit the local Area Interfaith Outreach (AIO)Food Pantry. In later years as the donations grew, the event also raised money for AIO’s Fuel Assistance program too.

Initially, Pies on Parade included tastings and tours of the six Historic Inns of Rockland. In 2005 (the first Pies on Parade Tour) innkeepers baked about 50 pies to insure that hungry pie tasters would have the opportunity to taste plenty of pies.  While the smells of freshly baked pies filled the inns that first year, the blizzard of the century brought howling winds, treacherous road conditions and teeming snow on the day of the big event.  Everything along Maine’s coast was closed or cancelled, but as Cheryl Michaelsen, Berry Manor Inn co-owner said, “We’ve got 50 pies baked and ready to be eaten; the Pie Tour will go on!”.  Surprisingly close to 50 people showed up and made their way through the weather to the Berry Manor Inn, LimeRock Inn, Old Granite Inn (now the Granite Inn), Captain Lindsey House, Waterman Inn & Gardens and the Lakeside Inn.  Looking back in hindsight, Cheryl loves to remember that while they were disappointed not to sell more tickets, she loved telling guests “Don’t take a slice of pie, take the whole pie!” In years thereafter, the Historic Inns of Rockland were careful to stipulate that the event would be held “snow or shine”!

Thankfully in subsequent years, Pies on Parade  never had to contend with blizzards again. The only storm that the event faced was a storm of interest from media and pie lovers.  In the second year ticket sales increased by seven times the first year.  In third and fourth years of the event, ticket sales remained strong, taking a sharp increase after the 5th annual Pies on Parade in 2009 when new venues were added. That was the year a very generous anonymous donor (who also enjoyed Pies on Parade) matched the donation made by Historic Inns of Rockland to AIO Food Pantry, netting a $10,000 donation.  Each year as ticket sales grew, the donation to the AIO Food Pantry also increased allowing the organization to feed 100 hungry Maine families for a year when donations from Historic Inns of Rockland were matched with grants from other organizations. Today, Pies on Parade continues to be the AIO Food Pantry’s largest fundraising event of the year.

The influence of the Berry Manor Pie Moms should not be underestimated when considering how they helped to grow the event.  While pies are served 365 days a year at Berry Manor Inn, the mothers of owners Cheryl Michaelsen and Mike LaPosta were recruited into the pie-making team.  Often quibbling over who makes the better pie, their tongue-in-cheek rivalry quickly soured once the media learned of the pie making team.  Joined by a friend of both, the pie Moms went up against Bobby Flay in a Pie Throwdown and appeared with Mike Rowe of World’s Dirtiest Jobs making a blueberry pie in the Berry Manor’s Kitchen.  Their photo appeared in many an article and soon their faces became a moniker for the Pie Tour.  The Pie Moms have since retired, but two of the three will return for the 10th Annual Pie Tour, to make an appearance as Pie-celebs.

In the event’s fifth year the Historic Inns of Rockland decided to expand the tour to include venues outside the inns.  Restaurants, spas and shops quickly jumped on board, anxious to join the pie festivities.  Since that time, more than 20 additional venues have joined the Historic Inns of Rockland in the tour each year, expanding the pie offerings to include pizza pies, Shepherd’s Pie, Whoopee Pies, meat and seafood pies, even healthy pies.  All Aboard Trolley has joined in the fun to provide trolley service so pie aficionados wouldn’t have to brave the cold on foot.  Pies on Parade has evolved to become a Rockland community event.  While Historic Inns of Rockland still coordinate the event, more than 21 additional businesses have jumped on board to support and participate this year.

But the best news of all is the outcome.  To date the event has raised nearly $65,000 in its tenth year of tenure, and the group hopes to hit the $100,000 total donation mark with the 10th annual pie tour.  One hundred percent of the proceeds from ticket sales are donated to the AIO Food Pantry.  Each venue donates the supplies and time to make more than 55 varieties of pie, serving up more than 12,000 pieces of pie during each tour.

To help with the fundraising efforts, a new event has been introduced this year. A Pie Celebration taking place at Trackside Station in Rockland on Saturday, January 25, 4-6pm will add to the pie-citement of the weekend. The restaurant’s motto “where food and fun collide” will be especially true on Saturday as a silent auction, complete with getaways and plenty of gift certificates to restaurants, shops and more, plus food, libation and plenty of pie-cheer will be in store. This event is free and all pie-revelers are encouraged to attend and extend their pie-bration to Saturday too.


Due to the size of the inns and venues, ticket sales are limited to 550 and ticket sales are presently underway.  Visit for full information on Pies on Parade and lodging packages including tickets to the tour or call 1-877-ROC-INNS (877-762-4667) or locally 207-596-6611 to reserve ahead.


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Tenth Annual Pies on Parade Fest Features New Venues and New Pies

Rockland is going pie-crazy January 25-26 and we hope you will come along for some tasty celebrating. Do you have your tickets to Pies on Parade, 2014?  If not, it’s not too late.  Simply call 207-596-6611 to reserve your tickets.

Reserve January 26 for Rockland’s annual pie-a-thon, and not only will you celebrate National Pie Day, but you’ll help raise money to feed hungry families in Midcoast Maine.   According to the Good Shepherd Food Bank, 200,000 Mainers (including 62,000 children) are “food insecure,” the new buzzword for people who lack enough food to provide adequate nutrition.   One hundred percent of the proceeds from Pies on Parade is donated to the Area Interfaith Outreach (AIO) Food Pantry and Fuel Assistance Program. This event is the largest fundraiser for the organization and when matched with funds from additional supporting organizations, provides enough food to feed 100 “food insecure” families for a year. All of this is a long way of saying, attend Pies on Parade on January 26 from 1-4pm, and you can feel good about eating pie!

And eating pie is what you’ll do!  To celebrate the 10th Annual Pies on Parade Festival, new venues have been added.  We’re looking forward to nearly 30 participating businesses offering tastings of sweet and savory pies.

Here are a few of the newest Rockland businesses and restaurants participating in this year’s Pies on Parade tour:

Archers on the Pier

Arts Space

Breakwater Vineyards

Chowder House

Over the Rainbow Yarns

Loyal Biscuit – yes, we’ll even have doggie pies!

Winding Way B&B

With new venues come a number of new pies. And here are some of the incredibly wonderful new pies being introduced this year:

  • Apricot Almond Pie (at Art Space)
  • Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Unoaked Chardonnay (at Breakwater Vineyards Tasting Room)
  • Savory Chicken Cheesecake (at Over the Rainbow Yarns)

Move over all-American Apple Pie. Pies on Parade will offer up a few unique variations on Mom’s Apple Pie including:

  • Bacon Apple Pie being served at Granite Inn
  • Apple, Sausage and Cheese Pie being served at Art Space
  • Apple Currant Pie being served at Over the Rainbow Yarns

The most exciting new addition this year is the Pie Celebration taking place at Trackside Station on Saturday, January 25, 4-6pm.  There will be a silent auction, complete with getaways and plenty of gift certificates to restaurants, shops and more, plus food, libation and plenty of pie-cheer! This event is free and all pie-revelers are encouraged to attend.

For more information on the 10th Annual Pies on Parade event, visit and click on the Pie icon or call 207-596-6611 to reserve tickets. See you on Pie Day in Rockland, January 26th.

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The ABCs of Rockland

A is for Atlantic Ocean, enjoyed via a day sail in the harbor or aboard a working lobster boat with Captain Jack Lobster Boat Adventure. It’s also for All Aboard Trolley, offering a wide range of transportation services around Rockland and between Portland and Rockland.

B is for Berry Manor Inn, a four-diamond luxury inn and member of the Historic Inns of Rockland.

C is for Café Miranda, one of our favorite restaurants with a very eclectic and internationally-inspired menu.

D is for the Dine Around Package offered by the Historic Inns of Rockland allowing guests to enjoy a tasting at three different restaurants in a progressive-dinner experience.

E is for eating wonderful breakfasts, creatively prepared in the four Historic Inns of Rockland’s kitchens.

F is for Farnsworth Art Museum, offering a world-renowned collection of Wyeth artwork and other American masterpieces.  F is also for Fiore Artisan Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars offering tastings daily on Main Street.

G is for the Granite Inn, a member of the Historic Inns of Rockland featuring a contemporary and urban chic design, and pet-and-family-friendly guestrooms and suites.  G is also for the Grasshopper Shop on Main Street in Rockland, with a wonderful collection of gifts, toys, books and more.

H is for Historic Inns of Rockland, our four-inn consortium of luxury inns, all walking distance to downtown Rockland’s restaurants, shops and harbor.

I is for In Good Company, one of our favorite local restaurants serving up tappas and larger plates set in a beautifully restored former bank.

J is for Jacuzzis and deep soaking tubs, which you’ll find at all of the Historic Inns of Rockland.

K is for kayaking around Rockland Harbor in kayaks available through Breakwater Kayak.

L is for LimeRock Inn, a lovely restored Queen Anne building surrounded by beautiful grounds, and another member of the Historic Inns of Rockland. L is also for Lobsters, Lobsterpalooza and the Maine Lobster Festival!

M is for Monhegan Boat Lines, a great way to visit Monhegan Island for the Day!

N is for the Nap-ah Wine Tour offered throughout the summer by All Aboard Trolley, the perfect way to discover Midcoast Maine’s wonderful vineyards.  N is also for the North Atlantic Blues Festival that comes to Rockland each summer.

O is for Owl’s Head Transportation Museum with it’s wonderful collection of planes, trains and automobiles, plus much more including a full calendar of events.

P is for Primo, the award-winning farm-to-table restaurant featuring James Beard Award-winning chef, Melissa Kelly.  When you go, be sure to take some time to walk through the gardens and discover from whence your dinner came.  We would be remiss if we didn’t also say that P is for Pies and Pies On Parade, the annual January Pie-a-Thon fundraiser for the Area Outreach Food Pantry celebrating its tenth year this year.

Q is for quaint and independently-owned shops along Rockland’s historic Main Street.

R is for Rheal Day Spa, right on Main Street in Rockland offering a full range of massage and spa services. R is also for the Rockland Breakwater, stretching nearly a mile out into Rockland Harbor and offering a wonderful walk on a summer day.

S is for the Strand Theatre, a beautifully restored entertainment venue featuring live performances, movies and local events in Rockland.

T is for the Third Night’s the Charm package offering a collection of added value, coupons and more for all those staying three nights in one of the four Historic inns of Rockland, June 1 – October 21.

U is for under-the-covers, which is where you’ll want to stay on a wintery day, surrounded by luxurious sheets and the most comfortable bed ever at the four Historic Inns of Rockland.

V is for vintners and wineries – 14 in all throughout Maine’s Midcoast!

W is for Windjammers, based in Rockland and Camden.  Combine a stay at one of the four Historic Inns of Rockland with a Maine Windjammer cruise via the Land and Sea package offered throughout the spring, summer and fall.

X is for xtra-special, which is how you’ll feel after your Historic Inns of Rockland getaway!

Y is for YOU, which is what a Rockland getaway and an escape to Historic Inns of Rockland is all about!

Z is for the zzzzzzz’s you’ll get when you plan your getaway to any of the four Historic Inns of Rockland – best night’s sleep in a long time!


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Get ready for the 10th Annual Pies on Parade Tour

The Historic Inns of Rockland are busy planning for the pie-stravaganza of the year, the 10th Annual Pies on Parade Tour.  This year will top all others with some special additions planned to celebrate ten years of pie baking in Rockland. The town of Rockland, ME will go pie-crazy from one end of Main Street to the other on Sunday, January 26, 2014 from 1:00 – 4:00pm when the Historic Inns of Rockland are joined by nearly 30 Rockland, ME businesses and restaurants to welcome hungry pie eaters to the town for the 10th Annual Pies on Parade Pie Tour.  Sample more than 50 different pies at  businesses, restaurants and inns throughout Rockland.

A word of warning right from the beginning: Tickets sell out quickly. Day tickets are $25 for adults and $10 for children ten and under and all funds from tickets sales go directly to the local food pantry.  Tickets are available from participating inns only (not additional participating Rockland businesses) or by calling 877-ROC-INNS (877-762-4667) or locally 207-596-6611 to reserve ahead.

Remember, this is not your average pie-in-the-sky event. Move aside Mom’s apple pie, Rockland’s inns, businesses and restaurants will serve up everything from Shepherds Pie and a number of gourmet pizza pies to sweet and savory Italian galettes, seafood pies,  whoopie pies and the signature Key LimeRock Pie at the LimeRock Inn. Of course, for those who still love the age-old favorites, look for traditional fruit pies like apple, raspberry and blueberry pie along with savory egg pies at the Berry Manor Inn and perhaps a Cranberry Apple Pie and a delicious crab quiche at the Granite Inn.  Best of all, fear not the packing on of pie pounds; Rockland businesses have added healthy pies (yes, there can be such a thing!) to the list. In past years Fiore Artisan Olive Oils and Vinegars has served up a beautiful pie with healthy olive oil and Rheal Day Spa has served sugar-free and lavender yogurt pies, defying all preconceived notions about “pie-ling” on calories from these delicious desserts!  We’re still confirming who will serve what pie, but we can guarantee with all the varieties, you will surely find a new favorite.  Most of the nearly 30 participating venues will serve both a savory and sweet pie, including a number of unusual galettes, tarts, quiches, pot pies, pizza pies, even a grilled pie.

Not to be outdone by inns and restaurants, a number of additional Rockland, ME businesses have signed on for the “Pie-rade” including the Maine Lighthouse Museum, Maine Audubon Puffin Project, Maine Windjammer Association, Rockland Public Library and Bartlett Woods Adult Living Center. Plus while walking between venues helps to burn calories, All Aboard Trolley will provide transportation at designated stops, making it more efficient to hit as many pie stops as possible.  Tour goers are encouraged to park at the Lincoln Street Center for the Arts, chosen for its central location, then walk or catch the trolley to pie stops from there.

All proceeds from Pies On Parade benefit the Area Interfaith Outreach (AIO) Food Pantry & Fuel Assistance Program. Over the past nine years, more than $63,000 has been donated to AIO’s Food Pantry from this event to help provide food for Midcoast families. With this year’s donation, Historic Inns of Rockland are thinking big and hope to bring the total donations to the $100,000 over the tenure of this event.  Each $25 ticket follows the 3-4-5 formula: a $25 ticket translates to 3 meals a day for a family of 4 for 5 days!  Since all proceeds from Pies On Parade are donated to the AIO Food Pantry, you can feel good knowing your day of pie-joyment will provide 15 meals to hungry families on Maine’s Midcoast.

We’ve added a new twist to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of this event.  A Silent Auction and pie celebration will be held at the Trackside Restaurant on Saturday, January 25th from 4-6pm.  Look for overnight getaways, gift certificates, products and maybe even a few pies on sale.  All proceeds will benefit the AIO Food Pantry & Fuel Assistance Program.

For more information, visit To purchase tickets, call 877-ROC-INNS (877-762-4667) or locally 207- 596-6611. Better call soon. Tickets are selling fast!

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Three great gift ideas from Historic Inns of Rockland

It happens to all of us.  You have one or two of those hard-to-shop-for people on your list. You think and think of something to give Aunt Mabel or your mother-in-law, and you’re coming up empty.  Historic Inns of Rockland are here to rescue your Christmas conundrum.  Read on for a trifecta of ideas that we’re sure will bring a smile to anyone on your holiday list.  This holiday season, shop local and unique with Historic Inns of Rockland.

The gift of pie

Here’s an idea we’re sure will be an original.  How about giving all the foodies on your list tickets to the 10th Annual Pies on Parade Tour being held January 26, 2014.  Tour goers will enjoy tasting pies from 25+ businesses throughout Rockland. This is not your average pie-in-the-sky event. Move aside Mom’s apple pie, Rockland’s inns and restaurants will serve up everything from Shepherds Pie and a number of gourmet Pizza Pies to sweet and savory Italian Galettes, seafood pies, Whoopie Pies and the signature Key LimeRock Pie at the LimeRock Inn. Of course, for those who still love the age-old favorites; look for Apple, Raspberry and Blueberry pie along with savory egg pies at the Berry Manor Inn and a newly developed Cranberry Apple Pie and a delicious crab quiche at the Granite Inn.  Best of all, when you give the gift of a Pie Tour ticket you help hungry families in Midcoast, Maine.  Every single cent of the proceeds from tickets sales for Pies on Parade goes to the Area Interfaith Outreach Center Food Pantry and Fuel Assistance Program.  Thus, you not only feed Aunt Mabel with your Pie Tour gift, you also help feed a hungry family too.  Tickets are $25 for adults and $10 for children.  Tickets for Pies on Parade go on sale the day after Thanksgiving.  Reserve your tickets by calling 877-ROC-INNS (877-762-4667).

The gift of inn-cooking

We’re willing to bet there’s not a single person on your list who doesn’t love to eat.  This holiday season, give the gift of indulgence with Historic Inns of Rockland’s cookbook, INN-DULGENCES, Recipes from the Historic Inns of Rockland.  You’ll find a fabulous collection of original recipes from the three inns including breakfast, baked goods and pie recipes.  And since breakfast is half their name, these bed and breakfasts have a wonderful collection of signature recipes you and those on your list will enjoy trying at home.  Purchase INN-DULGENCES directly from any of the three Historic Inns of Rockland for $15.00. Ask nicely and your favorite innkeeper will be happy to sign it too.  Add this to Pies on Parade tickets, and you’ve got a great combo gift for pie-lovers.

The gift of getaway

Not sure what to give your mother-in-law for the holidays?  Why not send her far away? Chances are she’s got everything she needs in the world but an excuse to relax. Give a gift certificate to Granite Inn, LimeRock Inn or Berry Manor Inn and you’ve given her the perfect reason to get away and relax throughout the year. Each of the three Historic Inns of Rockland have their own gift certificates which can be offered in any denomination you choose.  Gift certificates don’t expire, making them the perfect “one size fits all” gift.  A gift certificate to any of the three Historic Inns of Rockland will top the list for your mother-in-law’s favorite gifts, we’re pretty sure!

This holiday season, you need only turn to Historic Inns of Rockland for creative and unique holiday gifts from the Penobscot Bay region.  Visit for complete descriptions and contact information for each inn.


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The Local Way to Stay

When it comes to B&Bs, Buy Local

The Buy Local campaign has been gaining momentum throughout the U.S. for years. A stalwart mantra in many European and Asian countries, there’s a growing trend in the United States and especially in Maine for locally sourced products fueled by Americans who are hungry for food, products and ideas that come from their own communities.  So resilient is the American taste for local offerings, national promotions supported by big business like Small Business Saturday and regional community efforts like Lobsterpalooza have grown to support the “buy local” theme.  And when it comes to lodging properties, what could be more authentic than the inns and bed and breakfasts in the community?  On the Rockland lodging scene, Historic Inns of Rockland inns are the living legends of the buy local movement making them the Rockland way to stay for those who seek local lore. On Saturday, November 30, Historic Inns of Rockland join other small businesses throughout the country to encourage you to shop small on Small Business Saturday.

The Local Way To Stay

While hotels and motel chains may provide a consistent design and brand, they simply don’t vary much from one community to the next.  You’ll find the same lobby and guest room décor and design from one to the next community with little attention to the local flavor.  They do serve a purpose for those who don’t delight in the element of surprise and authenticity, but do little for those who seek unique experiences. And while AirBnB has taken the travel industry by storm, you just never know what you’ll get and how secure it will be.

Choose one of the three Historic Inns of Rockland when traveling to the Penobscot Bay region, and you’ll find a building that tells a local story.  Stay with Berry Manor Inn, LimeRock Inn or Granite Inn and you’ll enjoy an inn with historic significance where the owners went to great time and expense to preserve the neighborhood story and add everything from Victorian artifacts to contemporary finishes.  One thing that you can be assured of, the three Historic Inns of Rockland innkeepers have invested in the community labor force and regional economy to build and preserve the building for a one-of-a-kind accommodation.

According to contributor, John Guiffo, “A big part of travel is that feeling you get when experiencing something completely new, something you haven’t seen or done before”. Walk into any of the Historic Inns of Rockland and John describes the kind of exhilaration you will feel.  It’s the discovery of something new and different; not available anywhere else.   Each inn and B&B offers a sanctuary for authenticity, the preservation of local history, talent and personalized experiences.

The Historic Inns of Rockland’s innkeepers are dogged in their steadfast commitment to their communities. They provide their guests as many opportunities to buy locally as possible. You’ll find tastings of locally sold Fiore artisan olive oil and balsamic vinegars in your room and locally sourced artworks – some taken by the innkeepers themselves.  Directories of local restaurant menus are provided at every inn to encourage you to dine locally, and many of the Historic Inns of Rockland packages include a dinner at one of the many Rockland restaurants. Also trust your innkeeper will provide their well-honed insight into the best deals and meals too.  The same holds true for local retailers and attractions, as innkeepers often have insight into how to make the most of the local shopping and entertainment experiences.  Innkeepers pride themselves on providing the kind of local knowledge you simply won’t find at a chain hotel and certainly not at a vacation rental where little or no local insight is provided.

And when it comes to community spirit, the Historic Inns of Rockland lead the way. Their Pies on Parade Pie Tour has been the single largest fundraising source for the Area Interfaith Outreach (AIO)Food Pantry for the last nine years. Every cent from this event, organized by Historic Inns of Rockland, is given to the AIO Center to help feed Penobscot Bay region families.  And when lobstermen and women were suffering from an oversupply of product sending the lobster prices plummeting, Historic Inns of Rockland made lemon butter from lemons and created Lobsterpalooza to focus attention on eating and buying Midcoast Maine lobster.

Stay at one of the Historic Inns of Rockland and you’ll be served a complimentary breakfast with eggs, meats, fruits and breads most likely sourced from within 10 miles of the inn, depending on the time of  year.  All of the innkeepers grow flowers, herbs and some vegetables right on premise.

Next time it’s time to travel to Rockland or the Penobscot Bay region, the Historic Inns of Rockland are simply the better way to stay if you’re dedicated to buying locally.  Choose one of these three inns and not only will you be treated to unique hospitality from innkeepers who are harbingers of homegrown, but you’ll lower your carbon footprint just a little by buying locally, making your choice the better way to stay.

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